Quinta de S. José is a family project that started in early 1999, at the will of João Brito e Cunha, Ruy Brito and Cunha, due to the excellent location of the Quinta’s houses, practically above the river and in a Terroir and characteristics of soils on very particular slopes. In 2005, João Brito e Cunha bought the entire vineyard, bush and brand of Quinta de S. José from his family to take over and dedicate himself to the project of producing and marketing wines under the Quinta de S. José brand.


In 2012, he bought a 2-hectare plot at the top of the Quinta, where the investment was made in a root cellar, semi-buried, which was fundamental for the company’s sustained growth, thus allowing for a considerable increase in business profitability.

In 2018, to complement the existing offer, several investments were made in the scope of wine tourism, which now allow a greater offer and complement to the main activity of the company, development of a brand project with a strong identity.