Our Wines

The wines and the brand – Quinta de S. José – have an excellent national recognition, but above all international, with several awards and excellent scores.



Quinta de S. José is a family project that started in early 1999, at the will of João Brito e Cunha, Ruy Brito and Cunha, due to the excellent location of the Quinta’s houses, practically above the river and in a Terroir and characteristics of soils on very particular slopes.

Your place

in the Douro

Three schist houses, each with 2 bedrooms with private bathroom, living room and kitchen or kitchenette. It has air conditioning and central heating, swimming pool, private pier.



Excellent Terroir, bluish-gray shale with traces of tin, the result of some tin mines that existed many years ago in a higher area of the Quinta, contributing to a profile of very distinct, fresh, mineral and deep wines.