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About Us

The wine is in the veins of this descent, in direct line, of Dona Antónia Ferreira, the Ferreirinha. João Brito e Cunha is an example of the new generation of winemakers and producers that have settled in the Douro, and launched personal projects.

On the basis of this winegrower's passion is Quinta de S. José, in the heart of the Douro - Ervedosa do Douro.

Quinta de S. José is a family project that began in early 1999 by the will of the João’s father, Ruy Brito e Cunha, due to the excellent location of the houses in the Quinta, practically on the side of the river. The houses were restored, respecting the framing and typical materials of the Douro region.

In 2005, João Brito e Cunha bought to his family the entire area of vines, bushes and trade-mark of Quinta de S. José to devote to the project of production and marketing of branded wines from Quinta de S. José. The estate has an area of 10 hectares of vineyards and the property integrates the Douro Valley, area classified as "World Heritage Site".

Early in 2011, together with his wife Sofia, decided to assume guest tourism area, in order to create synergies between the two projects: Touris and Wine.